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Pizza Party Catering

We are not offering catering during COVID19. 

We have been catering pizza parties in the SF Bay Area since 2010.  Whether it’s a Business event, Grand Opening, Fundraiser, Birthday, Kids Birthday, Anniversary, Weddings, Rehearsals, Graduation, Housewarming, Celebration of Life or Holiday Party, your guests will be impressed with pizzas made to order in front of them or they can participate by making their own pizza!!  Either way, you will be the talk of the town!

We are able to set up anywhere!  Indoors (using your oven) or outdoors (using our ovens).  

Chicks and Love Pizza Catering will surely make your event memorable. 

Flatbread Pizza Crusts

We believe that it's the CRUST that makes the pizza.  If you like ULTRA THIN, CRISPY, FLAVORFUL crusts without preservatives, then you will LOVE ours!

  • We offer TWO types of flatbread crusts:  Original or Gluten Free (Vegan).  Vegan Original can be special ordered.

  • Our flatbread crusts can be baked in conventional oven, toaster oven, BBQ grill, or even on stovetop in a hot cast iron pan.

  • Your family and friends can look forward to a weekly Pizza Night or Flatbread Fridays!  Each person can make their own personal pizza creations in the comforts of your own home!

  • Kids LOVE our pizza crusts!!  They can easily assemble their own pizza, which helps take the stress out of cooking.

  • Host your own Interactive Pizza Party.  It's fun, cost effective and your guests will LOVE it!


Baking Instructions

Pizza Kits

We offer 3 different Pizza Kits options:  Meat Lovers, Classic Cheese and Vegan Classic Cheese!  Your choice of crusts: Original, or Gluten Free-Vegan.  Each Pizza Kit has everything you need for FOUR delicious artisan thin crust pizzas!  Pizza will be ready from start to finish in 10-15 minutes!  Pizza Kits can be stored in the freezer and you can take out what you need, when you need it.  This kit is everything you need to make an easy and fun activity for the family.  We even offer a Pizza Party Kit for 12 or more. (See DIY Pizza Party)!

PC: @groovaroobayarea

Take N Bakes

Fully assembled. READY to bake now, or store in the freezer until you want a QUICK and EASY meal! Bakes up HOT & CRISPY in 5-7 minutes!