Who We Are

The Chicks- One teacher, One nurse

Queen of Crusts is the wife and wife team of Kellie Joe & Vanda Chong known as The Chicks.  This dynamic duo are San Francisco Bay Area natives with over thirty years combined experience in management, sales, education, pizza, food service, and grocery.

Since 2010, Kellie and Vanda have built a dedicated following for their organic, artisan, thin crust flatbread pizza.  Their business, Chicks and Love Pizza, formerly at Walnut Creek Farmers Market and San Francisco in the Mission/Soma district.  They are known for their nonGMO pizza crust made with whole wheat and honey from their own bees as well as organic toppings including backyard farmed tomatoes, herbs and their farm fresh eggs from their chickens.  It's "Pizza You Feel Good About Eating" for those who are health conscious and desire a pizza made with quality ingredients.  Today, besides Queen of Crusts, they operate their pizza booth on Sundays in Walnut Creek, and they cater events including Interactive Pizza Parties.  

Kellie Joe is a professional chef who got her introduction to pizza when she worked for celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck.  After years in the hotel & restaurant business, she found her calling, and became a Culinary Educator & Founder of Monte Vista Culinary Academy in Danville, California, where she taught over 3,000 teenagers the art of cooking as well as hospitality management.  She is a Culinary Institute of America graduate of Hyde Park, New York.  She also is a graduate of the Health Coach program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NY, New York.  She truly believes that cooking is one of the most valuable skills that we can teach our youth today. Kellie handles 90% of the operation solo, from dough to delivery.

Vanda Chong has eighteen years experience as a grocer & buyer at the iconic Rainbow Grocery Cooperative in San Francisco.  She is a registered nurse as well as a design graduate from California College of the Arts in San Francisco. She is the HEAD beekeeper, hen whisperer and gardener on their backyard farm.  She is the master taste tester and quality assurance as well as designer of all cute company gear. 

Kellie & Vanda are an unbeatable team.  There is no doubt that their love for each other transfers into anything that they create together.  They aspire to be positive role models in the many communities that they represent.   They inspire people to live long, happy, healthy sustainable lives.  The Chicks cook together everyday and they truly believe that there's so much opportunity for human connection when we cook TOGETHER.

The Chicks live in Pleasant Hill on their backyard farm with their dogs, cat, koi fish, chickens and bees.  They are known in their neighborhood for their over the top Halloween and Christmas lights and decor!  Follow The Chicks  @chicksbackyardfarm on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The Chicks Farmers Market