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How to Host a Pizza Party


Whether it's for 4 or 14 people, a pizza party is always fun. We're talking about next level pizza party not pizza delivery or take out pizzas from a local pizzeria.


Freshly made pizzas, hot out of the oven, for all of your guests to enjoy.  Everybody can assemble their own, or not!


You have the option of renting out our our easy to use Breville Pizza Makers which bake our pizzas to perfection in only 4 minutes.  Or simply using your own home oven or pizza oven.


We supply you the necessary utensils, tutorial videos and guidelines.  The Queen is your Pizza Fairy Godmother.  

BIY (Bake It Yourself) Pizza Party Options

Option 1
Option 2

  • Convenient & Cost Effective.

  • No shopping needed.

  • Use our Pizza Kits.

  • You supply your own additional toppings. 

  • Rent our pizza makers & tools or use your own oven.

Option 3
  • Easiest

  • Use our fully assembled Take-n-Bake pizzas 

  • Rent our pizza makers & tools or use your own oven.

Option 4
  • Don't lift a finger!              

  • Hire our sister company Chicks and Love Pizza Catering, and let the pizza party professionals do all the work! 


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